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Who is Beth Bolton

Dedicated, compassionate, and courageous, Beth Bolton shares her business owner experience and provides guidance and support to others on the path to business ownership.

Skilled in bookkeeping, coaching, mentoring, business management, and client relations, Beth works with women entrepreneurs looking to launch their own ventures. Beth is passionate about women who want to own the business of their dreams and she wants them to have a solid understanding of what it takes.

Since she's walked the same path, Beth provides a unique insight and encouragement to ensure others' business concepts are well thought out, keep them accountable, and assure their books are in order. Her goal is to provide knowledge upfront to help women sidestep some of the challenges to business ownership.

Steps Along the Path

While she was building and running her own business, Beth always wore her Converse sneakers. They've become a symbol of every step she's taken on her journey and she continues to wear them-and put one foot in front of the other.

Beth's mission is to get you walking in your own shoes toward your own goals. She provides the scaffolding while you build the confidence to lead your own business.

"When I was growing up, I didn't know my life would take the path it did-but I'm sure glad my journey went the way it did. I have stood where you stand and have walked the same path as you."

- Beth Bolton

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